As an eco conscious facility, we care about the natural environment. Our goal is to operate our facility as a luxury establishment with the lowest environmental impact possible. We see ourselves as stewards of Dominica’s rich ecosystem, protecting and conserving it for future generations.
Our Sustainable Practices:
To save energy
  • We use low energy light bulbs throughout the hotel.
  • We have solar powered hot water showers.
  • We encourage our staff to unplug appliances and other electronics when not in use.
  • We save water in every opportunity.
To help the environment
  • We supply guest rooms with natural body care products.
  • We implement green cleaning practices.
  • Our take-out containers are biodegradable.
  • Large sections of our grounds have been left to grow into wild flower areas to encourage local wildlife such as butterflies and birds.
To help our local communities and economy
  • We support local schools by funding education supplies.
  • We sponsor local cultural events and activities.
  • Members of the local community make up () % of the staff.
  • We buy from local sources wherever possible. This applies to food & drink, building materials, printing, stationery and other general supplies. By using local companies and producers we are supporting the local market which will in turn benefit our business by creating a sustainable local economy.
  • We use locally produced handicrafts and art to decorate our facilities and accommodations.
To promote awareness
  • Our restaurant menus and marketing mediums contain green tips.
  • Local schools are invited to tour our Organic Farm to observe and learn about the benefits of organic agriculture.